Equality is not Similarity 

21st century and a modern age but still our mindsets are lingering and fighting the age old battle of the sexes. The nation has progressed, we as individuals have grown, but somewhere down the line a son is still a degree higher than any of the daughters out there. Calling your girls “Beta” is still a way of being proud of her.  Why?

I’m a girl and im proud of it! And I don’t think any validations from the other sex are required or for that matter me being the other sex for achieving something exceptionally good could be a way? 

If there had to be just one sex – for equality then there should have been similarity! Then there should have been only vaginas or only penises in this world! But alas! Every sex has got its own role to play. Every sex has been alloted certain responsibility and designation and that should be respected and followed! Having said that… (I don’t plan to disappoint any if my FEMINAZI audience) i do demand respect! 

If I’m a flower, appreciate my beauty and let me bloom in the garden, Don’t pluck me: killing my respect, Don’t crush me: putting me down, Don’t dry me: comparing me to my male counterparts. Just let me breath and grow! 

If i had to be a “Proud Beta” then i guess i should have been equipped with the proper equipments? I’m a girl because i was destined to… and that doesn’t mean that I’m less privileged or lesser than anyone in any fucking field – Just biologically weak! 

And that my friend turns all the tables! 

I dress up and i put on makeup because I’m a girl. I love to style my hair and wax my legs because I’m a girl. I’m delicate and fragile because I’m a girl. I was not meant to be a trophy wife neither your sex slave nor an objectified piece of shit. I was meant to be loved, caressed and pampered. 

And if you are highly offended by the feminity i just expressed, your feminazi ego must be really bruised?! And I’m not sorry! 

I am a woman; and I’m very pretty and I’m very feminine and I’m very bold and I’m very sexy. 

I am woman; and i know where i need to break out and where i need to break up.

I am a woman; and i have a vagina, I am a woman; and i am a daughter not your son! 

I am a woman; and i demand respect not your forced “Beta” appreciation. 


In Her Shoes?!

She is the most amazing person you will adore throughout your life. She is the superwoman you will have to your rescue. She is one inspiration you will always have for any fucking thing in life. She is the one you will look upto… Someday! 

She might be sounding very boring and all of what she says is not really making sense to you right you! But someday it will. When someday you will be IN HER SHOES! 

Tackling all the situations so bravely, you inspire me and guess what you have paved your way to becoming my idea of perfect! (Must have been real tough for you) 

All the times you shouted at me all i could hear was you yapping! (Sorry) But with these years when i realise that i have grown up (Ya i think and we disagree here i know) i actually try to listen to you and now with all these seasons passing away, i see the concern you hold, and i see what’s alot more than mere shoutings. 

This two decade old battle of yours is fetching results i guess. I don’t know what mission you are on? But trust me (i know you won’t) it’s being fruitful. Your toil to make me the most perfect woman and someone worth idolising is not vain. 

So, Thank you for shaping me into your image. Thank you for not giving up upon me. Thank you for understanding when dad wasn’t supportive enough. Thank you for fighting with me and most importantly for me! Thank you for bringing out my patience and being a good student! (I taught you Facebook and Whatsapp and Pinterest too!) 

Love You, 

Your Victory!