Well i see that you have been through a lot, those lines on forehead scream the battle you have survived, and i am proud of you. You are masterpiece i have been searching for my soul to rest my eyes upon.

I have been there too, felt the same pinches of pleasure as you did and that is why i am proud of you.

I know you are scared, i know you cant be in the same times again and i promise to bring you out and make it worth it! I know the alpha male you show isnt ready to hurt your innergod. But for once trust me. For once



Somethings just need to be more clear than they appear
Even the glass that reflects you is superficial
If only it could show the debris inside
The reflection could be more reliable
If the debris was so evident people would flinch being around
Somethings can’t b as clear as you want them to be
How beautiful is the inner turmoil whose view might take your breath away
If the glass actually showcased your debris .. What a beautifully ugly road would it be
Wonder if anyone and everyone could set their journey on it?
Perhaps that’s the only reason you are your own demon.