When You Walked In

The cold nights are suddenly warm now, my restless nights are more comfortable. I can finally sleep without wetting my pillow, i don’t know if its you or just a perception but i finally have something i know i trust and i am proud of.

Sometimes its not the time you spend but the memories you make. The fear that keeps you away from falling is justified yet unfair. Some people are for a lifetime but your instinct will stop you, because you are afraid, you want to give it a try, you want to indulge in them make them a part of your life but you will not let them have a glance of what you really possess, all because you are engulfed in your own hidden desires and insecurities.

Open the door, let the sunshine enter, open your arms…. like you did today and feel the magic.

Fall free, fall fearless, i’m here to catch you. I know you are more than what you show….. i want to explore the wildest places you own, being with you is something i behold and being within you is what i long for.





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