May You Live In Interesting Times!

How interesting is it that you are destroying me beautifully In a way none else can

How interesting is it that you are with me intentionally 

In a way so unintentional

How interesting is it that you have become a part of me

In a way so inseparable 

How interesting would it be when you will leave me giving me reasons

In a way so justified

How interesting would it be when my eyes will hold your tears 

In a way i did for no other soul

How interesting would it be when ill be unable to see myself in the mirror 

In a way you used to see me



The Perfect Him?

He is mesmerising My heart sinks with his touch 

His hands r so soothing 

His snuggles just so pure

Whenever he comes closer

I lose my breath control

I dont just stay thr

I hv a world i longed for

He takes me to places i cud only imagined existed

He makes me crave for d very next meeting

He is so soothing

My stress burns away with a touch of his lips

His tongue tastes all my sours n again im thr melting in his arms

He does things i cnt explain 

I cud only imagine what u hv done

He is my strength 

He brings me back to life 

Starving my ego n feeding my soul 

Building me up from the scrap i was

Making me believe what only i cud not

I cud only imagine what you have done

I hv surrendered myself to u 

Make me or break me 

I wud still imagine wht u hv done n wht u cud do 


When You Walked In

The cold nights are suddenly warm now, my restless nights are more comfortable. I can finally sleep without wetting my pillow, i don’t know if its you or just a perception but i finally have something i know i trust and i am proud of.

Sometimes its not the time you spend but the memories you make. The fear that keeps you away from falling is justified yet unfair. Some people are for a lifetime but your instinct will stop you, because you are afraid, you want to give it a try, you want to indulge in them make them a part of your life but you will not let them have a glance of what you really possess, all because you are engulfed in your own hidden desires and insecurities.

Open the door, let the sunshine enter, open your arms…. like you did today and feel the magic.

Fall free, fall fearless, i’m here to catch you. I know you are more than what you show….. i want to explore the wildest places you own, being with you is something i behold and being within you is what i long for.