When You’re Alone In The Crowd

Walking down the lane you realise there are certain people who will never stay with you, you learn that not all the people you meet can be with you forever, you experience the most darkest moments but make sure you learn. 

Sometimes you will doubt yourself and thats when you will know that you stand out. Dont ever let your inner goddess fall prey at the hands of other people’s  desire to curb you down. 

Your life is short, make it worth a shot! We cannot experience it all learn from others experiences. Make mistakes but make them your stepping stones. 

There will be times when all you want is a closed room where you can cry to hearts content. Allow youself that pleasure. You’ve earned it, its you who’s dealing with the shit from some asshole.

I get to die my death, so i will eventually live my life.

The people you trusted the most will fail to step in your shoes and will judge you. At some point in life the cocoon of affection, love and warmth will break and we will be exposed to the ugly fantasy of god. Be ready to be judged, exploited, and torn apart, and because you are the picasso of your life don’t get trapped by any bait being offered. 

You will stand alone throughout. Your journey will be tiresome and you will feel like giving up but stand up, suit up and fuck the bloody world! 


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