Lost In The Land Of Dreams

1b8330683c1f92c46c78f1597d15ca41How beautiful it would get if what goes in my mind actually happened in my life. How easy would it get if what i wished for turned out to be one nice piece of cake with a cherry on top of course.

every time i blind myself to escape the reality i actually get a brighter view. a view so mesmerizing, full of colors and the golden dust i have been wishing for. i see my lust for beauty quenching. i see myself melting in the arms of the silver moonshine. i see loosing myself in the waves of charm.

the feeling though is not the same. every time i blind myself to escape the reality it refuses to leave my skin. the view i see is completely different from the view i show. a view so disturbing, full of burnt black roses. the spine chilling drop of sweat none could ever imagine. shivering hands with goosebumps all over. though i am amidst the beauty with my blinded eyes, the spectators fail to understand the pleasure i derive within my escape.

my bed is the cliff i view the colors from. my sheets become the golden dust i craved for. my bed cover is the moonshine im engulfed in. i clinch the golden dust with both my hands. the moonshine is engulfing me its charm.

but you are perplexed at my behavioral display, failing to gulp down the fact that my escape is a pleasure. all you see is pain and suffering.

but im drowning in the ecstasy my escape has to offer and perhaps that’s the jerk you felt, and dragged me back to reality, which i succeeded to escape…… Almost.


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